Initial situation:

Non-Contact Inspection of Forgings

A client producing forgings is in need for an inspection with respect to surface defects and correct measure of inner and outer diameter of the parts. Particularly for smaller items -like receptacles of wheel bearings- considerable deviations from expected geometry are frequently encountered. Unfortunately, undersized parts cannot be used for further processing and must be sorted out. For this reason, size accuracy has to be checked everywhere, and the line of parts has to be subdivided according to the results.

Video of inline forgings inspection for dimensional accuracy and surface defects with QuellTech Laser Scanner:

Particular Challenges of the Application

The low process safety of the manual inspection carried out beforehand, was known. As the production meanwhile has been increased, the disproportionate growth of reject rate was no more tolerable.

The measuring task consisted in a multi-stage complete inspection, taking place inline in presence of very short cycle times.

The QuellTech Solution

QuellTech Q4 Laser Scanner The test station comprises an index table, so that the measuring task can be partitioned into several steps not affecting the cycle time. Two QuellTech Q4-60 laser scanners are used to check the forgings for surface defects and to verify the dimensional tolerance. The image processing software captures point clouds and, after calculation, compares the results to preset limits. The next index station separates the parts regarding OK or NOK.

Benefits for the Client:

After integration of the laser scanner test station into the production line, process safety of quality results could be achieved, so that from now on the client disposes of an accelerated process run at even lowered rate of rejects. Automated quality control has significantly contributed to higher productivity.

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