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Laser measurement systems for the industry
Welcome to QuellTech

We are a worldwide leading manufacturer of laser measuring systems and contactless Laser Sensor technology. Our strengths are the ability to modify our sensor to customer specific needs if necessary. We are specialists for highly precise laser measurement systems for various applications like in-line-measurement in machine industry, automotive and automation.

Our laser measurement systems have found widespread reputation in numerous fields of application, in the automotive sector, machine construction, welding technology, robotics and consumer electronics.

We have long-standing system partnerships with enterprises in:
Germany, Italy, England, Finland, Spain, Turkey, USA, South Korea, India, China and Taiwan, all of them integrating die QuellTech laser sensors into their machines and other industrial equipment.

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More Information


Laser measurement systems

Here you will find our laser measurement systems with 3-D-Line Scanners, Software, Laser-Measurement-Systems and Turnkey Products.


Deep gap measuring metal processing industry

Examples and illustrations of applications with laser measurement systems for various applications and industries.


OEM applications machines and plant builders

QuellTech offers companies innovative solutions for quality assurance and non-contact measurements.


Weld bead inspection for battery contacts

Video gallery of industrial applications with QuellTech laser measurement technology.

Are QuellTech laser measurement systems suitable for your particular application?  Feasibility studies for the particular task can be performed beforehand. Initial test measurement (free of charge). Simply send us a corresponding sample. Flexible and affordable adaptation to customer specific requirements within a short delay. Safe and reliable products, proven in practical applications. Please consult our factory service.