Laser guided glue bead supervision

A client in automotive industry intends to improve the inline glue bead supervision performed when automatically applying glue beads inside body parts. The system to be purchased should be able to monitor position, height and width of the glue bead any time.

Until now, the client makes use of a 3D laser system with very complex beam guidance, in order to compensate problems arising from narrow space available. This present configuration however involves difficulties in adjustment, often giving rise to trouble and interruptions.

Therefore the client is looking for a safe and less complicate solution.

The chellenge in glue bead supervision:

While the glue bead is being applied, very complex geometrical patterns are followed; the nozzle for the glue meanwhile does not rotate. Therefore this nozzle must be supervised in the total angle of 360°.  This glue bead supervision can only be met by a laser scanner featuring an extremely low form factor.

QuellTech Solution

For this measuring task, QuellTech  has developed a special Q4-80S Sensor with a form factor of only  85×44,5×25 mm (LxWxH) and combined it with a blue 405 nm laser, particularly convenient for the optical properties of the high-gloss glue bead. Four sensors have been mounted in an overlapping arrangement around the nozzle, each sensor covering an angle of 120°.

Result for the Client

In spite of the narrow space available, the client now disposes of a full 360° glue bead supervision, easy to install and to maintain, at a double profile rate compared to the previous state. Particular adjustment in the course of the process is not required.

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