Industrial Image Processing by QuellTech Software

“Every software is only as good as the connected hardware”

Thomas Sturzenhecker, QuellTech Technical Department head.

Weld Bead Inspection

Weld Bead Inspection

For quality monitoring and measurement of objects in three dimensions in production, it is imperative to make use of sensor equipment able to capture 3D records and to create point clouds of the objects in question. The evaluating software image processing software has to measure this point cloud and compare the obtained results to tolerances defined beforehand. The immediate presence of flexible tools is essential, for different measurement tasks in three-dimensional space.

In contrast to conventional methods based on time-consuming programming in C++ or C #, our team is very experienced and flexible using state of the art 3D Machine Vision Platforms in the industry even in complex manufacturing environments. With already implemented well-proven modules these platforms can undertake complex tasks such as acquisition, processing, analyzing and documentation of the data with great easiness, which in turn speeds up the implementation of software projects. Thanks to our profound know-how concerning image processing, the application of software modules could be exactly tailored to achieve optimum reliability of the results.

The success of a project implementation depends on the practical strategy used for the measurement. The software enables the user to adapt tolerance fields without further programming, so changes in the production routine do not entail longer interruptions in quality control.

» Challenges to establish a machine vision application:

  • For beginners, introduction into 3D image processing is sometimes complicated.
  • Some software solutions for image processing make believe that the solution in practice can be instantaneously found by simply selecting different modules in turn. In reality however, this is often not possible without sufficient technical knowledge about the possibilities of laser scanners.
  • Difficult ambient conditions like vibrations, effects of extraneous light and reflections may have to be taken into consideration.
  • A certain experience is also required for handling of 3D point clouds, as the methods differ from solutions based on 2D measurement.

The following functions and features are offered by our software solution:

  • Graphical Layout Designer for output screen
  • Editor for sequence and parametrization of function modules
  • Set of 3D analysis modules for point clouds, to be copied into a sequence in selectable order
  • Interactive help functions in many languages
  • Powerful Debug System
  • Integration of own program codes C++, C#
  • Simple communication with external systems like PLC, OPC, databases etc.
  • Display of the result of the program sequence in the output screen, graphically and numerically.
  • Several instances of our software solution may run in parallel on one PC speeding up the processing time.
  • For each instance, several laser scanners may operate simultaneously.
Vibration Compensation

Vibration Compensation

Flatness Calculation

Flatness Measurement

Ingot Measurement with QuellTech Software

Ingot Measurement



QuellTech® activities extend over three different fields of experience, to warrant a successful implementation of image processing projects:

  1. As a manufacturer of sensor equipment, we can take into consideration the particular hardware requirements of the client already at an early stage.
  2. All these factors are evaluated when developing the image processing solution, so the software is perfectly tailored to the tasks to be expected.
  3. While supporting the steps required for implementation into production, relevant ambient conditions on site can be assessed and considered.

Our collected experiences have encouraged us to offer to the clientele a turnkey solution for their projects.

» The integration of an image processing solution by Quelltech® comprises the following steps:

  • Together with the client, requirements for measurements (e.g., size and tolerance of measuring objects, measuring intervals, handling of objects, ambient conditions) are compiled in a structured questionnaire. This enables us to make a qualified first statement concerning feasibility.
  • Nach Beauftragung, Erstellung der Komplettlösung, gegebenenfalls Vor-Ort-Unterstützung in der Implementierung und Anwenderschulung
  • Remote Support nach Implementierung im Wirkbetrieb
  • After ordering, the complete solution is prepared. Support for implementation on-site and training of employees possible upon request.
  • Remote support after implementation within the production.

Kann die QuellTech Laserscanner Software Ihre Messaufgabe lösen?

  • Do you intend to improve the efficiency of your quality control, instead of still making use of manual routines and random test without automation?
  • Would it be useful for your enterprise, to establish preventive maintenance? This way, service life of tools could be extended, maintenance work could be conveniently planned, and wear of machines could be supervised on a long-term basis.
  • Do you intend to increase productivity by shortening production cycles, lower the rejection rate and save up material input?

Potential for improvement can always be discovered, and the worth of our assistance should not be underestimated. For contact, consult our specialist:

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