System integrators

System integrators

QuellTech laser scanners rep resent a valuable aid for system integrators for quick and efficient execution also of complex measuring tasks.

Protect your products with OEM Labeling (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of QuellTech Laser Scanners, even on small series and customized special constructions.

Non-contacting measurement is considerably simplified for system integrators, by means of equipment supplied by QuellTech. Particular solutions are composed for applications in automotive, electronic, metal processing or aerospace sector, for following situations:

  • Dimensional control:

    Length, height, width, angle, gap, and planarity.

  • Presence and completeness:

    Number, position, absence of unintended doubling.

  • Correct tracking:

    • For robot movement, linear axes, gaps, welding beads, glue beads.

QuellTech disposes of numerous references concerning companies originating from production industries. For many years already, integrated QuellTech laser scanners reliably run in a wide variety of projects.

How can we support system integrators?

A) With respect to the possibilities of a sensor, we qualify the measuring task with respect to

  • Maximum resolution
  • Traverse speed
  • Light intensity
  • Interaction with external influences like light, heat and vibrations
  • Possible adaptation of the sensor to customer requirements

B) Test evaluation by Proof of Concept measurement of customer samples

C) Software tools supporting many widespread software packages for image processing.

Thanks to the presence of a great number of preconfigured routines, the flexibility of the system integrator is considerably increased.  Longer training periods for developers are not required.

D) We are always willing to hand over to you prequalified inquiries of end customers as a lead for further processing. We are seriously interested in a continuous cooperation with our system integrators.

E) Support of the application level for the sensor equipment, from project design to start-up and regular operation.