Initial situation:

Surface Inspection in Cable Production

The client produces electric cables in form of continuous material, of different diameter and wrapped with different types of isolation. Until know, quality control has taken place only by accidental sampling.

Meanwhile, a 100% inline quality inspection is required.

Particular Challenges of The Application:

In this case the problem lies in the fact that the production speed is relatively high, as the cables have to be monitored nearly in real-time, and in the small size of the expected defects, which is in the range of a few hundredths of a millimeter. Furthermore, the surface of the cables may considerably vary in reflectivity and roughness. A 360° inspection requires the presence of several laser canners mounted at different angles, and due to the high process speed, the laser light source must be sufficiently intense.

QuellTech solution

Four QuellTech Q6 laser scanners are installed, mutually displaced by an angle of 90°. In this configuration, they are able to monitor the complete surface of the cable running through. It is important that the test does not lower the production speed, therefore very high sampling rates are required, supported by convenient data processing. The measured position of a defect is recorded in cable direction.

Typical defects to be found: Surface defects like flaws, bulges, scratches, indentations or fluctuations of diameter. The geometrical shape (oval or round) can be detected as well.  

Benefits for the client

Thanks to 100% inline inspection, surface irregularities can be discovered quickly, and their position can clearly be demarcated. Rejects can be screened out at an early stage, and the source of the problem can be localized. This lowers production cost considerably, and reduced maintenance cost for the machines delivers the same effect. Additionally, a system for preventive maintenance is implemented.

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