Laser scanner accessories for QuellTech Q4 -Laser Scanners

Specially adapted accessory solutions for the protection and cooling of the sensor ensure maximum efficiency and user friendliness.


Laser scanner accessories: The cooling module for the Q4 laser scanner

Cooling Module Accessories for Laser Scanner Q4 Series

In the case of high environmental temperatures, usually to be expected in welding applications, additional cooling modules can be mounted below the Q4 laser scanner. By means of this item, temperatures of up to 400°C do not represent a problem. Air or water cooling is possible.

Q4 protective glass

Laser scanner accessories: Replaceable frame with protective glasses

Frame with exchangeable protective glasses for laser Q4 series

This frame is intended for applications in harsh environmental conditions with splashing water and increased pollution, particularly during welding procedures. This way the sensible optical glasses of the laser sensor remain protected.

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