Measure volume

Measure volume: Precise 3D volume measurement with laser line sensors

Measuring volume refers to accurately determining the spatial content of a three-dimensional object. This measurement is used to measure the volume of materials, liquids, gases or solids. With the help of modern 3D laser line sensors, it is possible to measure the volume of free forms extremely precisely.

Definition and meaning of volume measurement

Volume measurement is of great importance to quantify the quantity of a substance or to calculate the required space. Especially for irregular shapes such as adhesive beads, welds, foodstuffs or bulk material on conveyor belts, it is a method to determine the quantity of a substance either in addition to weight measurement or as an alternative to it.

Displacement measurement

In the displacement measurement method, a measuring object is immersed in a liquid and the volume of the displaced liquid is measured. However, this method is laborious and often impractical.

Measuring volume in vehicle production

For example, if the volume of an applied adhesive bead is to be measured, this must be done without contact. To ensure the sealing of a vehicle roof, the volume of a long bead of adhesive can be measured immediately after it emerges from the dispensing nozzle. In this way, insufficient metering at one point can be detected and rectified immediately without risking expensive customer complaints.