Laser measurement technology in practice

QuellTech Industrial 3D Laser Scanner Applications

As the degree of automation in many processes continuously increases, corresponding quality control equipment must be highly automated as well. Numerous measuring principles are available on the markets.  QuellTech focuses on 3D laser scanner measurement based on the triangulation method.

Compared to other measuring principles, which benefits offers QuellTech laser technology?

  • Precise non-contact 3D measurement achieves a resolution down to 1,5 µm
  • High measuring speed – up to 20 kHz
  • Good scalability when measuring large objects
  • Rugged design withstanding harsh environmental conditions like heat, extraneous light and vibration
  • Simple integration into continuous production processes (inline)
  • Tolerance with respect to changes in color and surface structure
  • No interruption of running process run during inline measurement
  • 3D measurements also for glowing parts

A great variety of specialized solutions has been developed in close cooperation with the clientele, with increased efficiency and reliable quality control always in mind. Several practical examples are described in the following, which clearly demonstrate the resulting advantages for the production process.

Efficient energy technology quality checks with a precise 3D laser scanner. Reliable results for optimized energy systems
Turnkey solution to detect surface defects