Initial situation:

Weld Seam Inspection

The client is producing different critical items for the automotive industry with strict weld seam requirements.  Errors such as cracks, spatters, undercuts on the surface cannot always be detected precisely with human eyes. Taking into consideration the quality requirements of his clientele and in order to stay competitive also in the future, our customer decided to invest in high-tech inspection systems and establish lasting solutions.

Particular challenges

The parts are not difficult to scan with respect to type of material and surface properties. The client however has some defined speed and resolution constraints, in order to keep production line in constant pace and meet strict tolerance levels. Space restrictions represented an essential aspect as well. The seam to be tested was about 300 µm in width, and defects of about 30 µm in size had to be detected.

QuellTech solution

By means of the QuellTech Q4-5 Laser Scanner, which offers a very small form factor and a high resolution, it is now possible to identify errors in-line with highest precision and repeatability. Not only the 3 D data of the profiles are used to analyze the weld seam, but also the intensity values of each profile provided information. To meet the tight cycle times, 2 scanners are used for each measurement system. Several lines were equipped with such Laser Line Scanner Systems, which are successfully running for a couple of years now.

Benefits for the client

Thanks to QuellTech’s Q4 Laser Scanners, the client has achieved his high self-defined goals in product quality, avoiding costly errors, which could arise later in the process. Early identification of errors in the production process improved the overall quality performance of the products, thus minimizing return rates and enabling a higher customer satisfaction.

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