Weld gap inspection with slag detection

The client looking for weld gap inspection  is a manufacturer of special machines for welding applications, offering weld gap tracking inspection on the basis of laser technology. At the moment he intends to supplement his product range with non-contacting measuring equipment for the following purpose:  The method during a multilayer welding process should be able to detect slag in deep gap, so that cleanness of the corresponding seam is ensured.

Challenges of the client:

Weld gap inspection with Slag detection until now in welding machines is offered only by way of exception, as the measurement is accompanied by undesirable reflections of the laser beam, due to the deep gap processed (milling marks). This problem must be solved. Furthermore the client is in need of a certain flexibility of his software, so he can adapt and program himself the tasks of his welding procedures.

The QuellTech solution:

For simultaneous illumination of the steep walls as well as the ground of the deep gap, two Q4 QuellTech laser scanners were installed in a leading position in front of the welding process – oriented towards each other in a certain overlapping angle. Furthermore the client uses the QuellTech software as source code for his application for weld gap inspection. This way he can easily configure the software modules with respect to the current needs. Reflections by a special alignment of the laser lines are minimized.

Weld gap inspection benefits for the client:

From now on, the client can offer his welding machines complete with an option of slag detection and targeted cleaning of the welding seams. The Q4 QuellTech laser scanners of course can be used for their classical tasks as well, i.e. for gap tracking to control the side positions and the height position of the torch. Weld gap inspection with slag detection represents a unique feature in this field of application and is not yet offered by competitors. Security of investment is provided as well, as the software in a flexible manner can be modified also in future with respect to subsequent specifications.

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