Testing of plastic molded parts in vehicle technology (control components)

Initial situation:

Electronic components in automotive technology are usually connected to other elements by means of plug-in connections featuring a regular arrangement of pins (multipolar connection).    Establishment of this connection requires all of the pins be oriented and positioned within a certain tolerance range. Even in the case of a single pin being absent, twisted, excessively long or short, the whole part becomes unusable. The client in former times has inspected the pin positions only manually on a random basis, but from now on a 100% inspection becomes mandatory.

Particular Challenges of the Application

The pin positions are measured with respect two reference areas of the component, taking into consideration that the cross section of the tip of the pin is very small. It is important to know that even sensors featuring a resolution beyond the normal range, are able to record only a small number of pixels simultaneously.

QuellTech solution

Thanks to the extremely high resolution of QuellTech laser scanner model Q6-45, the number of recorded pixels for each pin proved to be sufficient, so it became possible to check the pin position with respect to the swash circumference tolerance.

The test procedure is as follows: Plastic parts are delivered from a belt conveyor to an index table and guided to the defined measuring position. In this position, the Q6 laser scanner passes over the part. After completion, it is transported by the index table to the next station, which separates OK from NOK items.

Benefits for the client

This 100% inline inspection reliably eliminates defective components from the delivery chain to the end customer. The result for each single part is documented.

Can we help you with your measurement task?

We are happy to carry out an initial test measurement for you. We give you an assessment of the feasibility of your measurement task.

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