Laser metrology in practice

Turnkey Solution for Quality Inspections in Manufacturing Companies

Improve the quality assessment of your production by means of an Inline Turnkey System developed by QuellTech.

In many companies, production processes themselves prove to be automated to a high degree, whereas the assigned quality control department is still based on manual work and insufficient digitization.

A major difficulty arises from the fact, that particularly medium sized companies are increasingly faced with small batch sizes and short lifecycles of products, during which a great variety of quickly changing versions is intended to be manufactured.

It is however useful to know, that even under these complicated framework conditions, a qualified structure for automated quality control can be established. For that purpose, QuellTech has developed an Inline Turnkey Solution, able to meet the requirements in numerous measurement applications.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce in a practical manner our recent projects and detail the benefits they can offer to our clients:

Turnkey solution to detect surface defects
Turnkey Solutions endless materials

Which advantages could QuellTech Laser Scanners offer to your quality system?

As an initial step, we carry out a test measurement and give you an assessment concerning feasibility and possible benefits with respect to the testing procedures currently in use. In the following, we will manage and support the entire project, taking into consideration all relevant economical and technical aspects.

Please describe the context for your application, and specify the technical requirements to be met for a complete solution. Our management, Mr. Heinrich Schonhardt, looks forward to hearing from you. Contact by phone under +49 89 124 723-75 or via email: