Production industries

Quality control in production industries is considerably simplified by non-contacting measurement offered by QuellTech. Particular solutions are composed for applications in automotive, electronic, metal processing or aerospace sector, for following situations:

  • Dimensional control:

    Length, height, width, angle, gap, and planarity.

  • Presence and completeness:

    Number, position, absence of unintended doubling.

  • Correct tracking:

    For robot movement, linear axes, gaps, welding beads, glue beads.

QuellTech disposes of numerous references concerning companies originating from production industries. For many years already, integrated QuellTech laser scanners reliably run in a wide variety of projects.

After a first contact with the client, we analyze the measuring project to verify if there are any obstacles in principle. Then we perform a test measurement of a sample sent by the client, in order to make a clear statement about the feasibility and to offer a convenient QuellTech laser scanner. All these initial steps are free of cost.